Gold Prag / Den Tatoverede Enke

by Mads
March 20, 2006 at 22:52 | categories: food

I went out last Tuesday with a couple of friends from work to Gold Prag for dinner. It wasn't exactly the best goulash I've had and the "fresh from the freezer" potato rosti it was served with seemed a bit misplaced. No complaints about value for money though - at about EUR15 including a pint of urquell, it was quite reasonable.
After that, we went to Den Tatoverede Enke for some really good beer. I think I've more or less got a new favorite beer after drinking Liefmans Goudenband there. People tell me that Den Tatoverede Enke also serve some very good and rather expensive food. The food is made and served with good Belgian beer and looking at the menu right now has me thinking very hard trying to figure out a good excuse for going back.
Right now I'm drinking "Experimental brew no. 23 a" from Thisted Bryghus. It is a top fermented porter with a good strong taste of licorice and nice enough that I hope they will keep brewing them in the future.

All this talking of food and beer reminds me of a plan I've had a while to make "Carbonade Flamande". I know that I've got at least four different recipes for it and somewhere between my 200 cookbooks there has got to be a few more recipes. The trick is in choosing the right recipe and finding the courage to pour a good beer into the pot. Watch this space for more once I get around to cooking again.