Nevada at 37

by Mads
March 28, 2006 at 14:26 | categories: sun, solaris

Dan Price has a really interesting set of slides about Solaris Nevada and the features that are in it or on the way in the near future.
A few highlights:

  • ~7,500 bug fixes / RFEs (since S10)
  • Performance
    • Sparc: RSA in the kernel is now about twice as fast as before
    • x86/64: Much faster memmove, strcpy and more
  • Networking: too many things to mention
  • In kernel SSL proxy - not something I've been able to find much info on, but there's a few parameters for it in this SPECweb2005 config.
  • Trusted Extensions
  • NFS
    • 200 megabytes/sec (1.6Gbs) on x64/10Gbs gear
    • Future: async RPC, request scheduling. wirespeed!
  • x86/64: Many fixes and improvements in drivers and FMA
  • Zones
    • rename, move, clone
    • Attach, detach (migration)
    • Future?: dtrace_proc and dtrace_user
    • Future: dhcp and snoop support
  • Xen support
  • ZFS

There is a lot more, but these are just the features that makes this interesting to me with the day job and the bits of AMD based gear I run Solaris on outside of work.