Opensolaris turns one

by Mads
June 14, 2006 at 23:37 | categories: solaris

First time I heard about the OpenSolaris plans was at ApacheCon in 2004, and at that time it sounded like nothing more than a cunning marketing strategy.
Then we got Solaris 10 and I was really surprised when I saw OpenSolaris becomming reality only a couple of months lateri (one day too late to share my birthday). Congratulations to Sun for pulling off what many of us thought impossible half a year earlier.
For me personally, OpenSolaris has also brought many insights into the internals of Solaris, that I never would have gotten without OpenSolaris and especially the community around it. The Sun engineers blogging, turning up at conferences like LISA and ApacheCon, helping out on #opensolaris and sharing the development process on opensolaris mailinglist - it has been absolutely amazing.

Sun has also been very generous to the ASF where I've had the joy of running our Sun v40z and really should be working on bringing our new and shiny T2000 up to speed, but we're still looking for some storage to add because the 4 internal drives are pretty much useless for anything we could think of doing with it. (I'll try to blog a bit more about that box during ApacheCon EU where I'm hoping to get a small break from work ;).

On a personal note: I quit working for ... on may 1st because I got a offer to join some really great people in a startup and I was happy to accept because working full time on Solaris isn't exactly the best career move when you're working for one of Suns largest competitors.