2 troublesome patches

by Mads
December 04, 2006 at 21:02 | categories: solaris

Lately I've run into two Solaris patches that broke things for me:

122663-06 libzonecfg patch
Breaks zone related utilities and can't be easily uninstalled if you already have zones on the system because patchrm wants to check the patch in all zones even if passing -G (having another unpatched machine handy made it easy to replace the 3 files).
120051-04 usermod patch
Breaks tools like user/group/role add/del/mod - simple patchrm is enough to fix:
ld.so.1: useradd: fatal: libc.so.1: version `SUNW_1.22.2' not found
(required by file /usr/sbin/useradd)
ld.so.1: useradd: fatal: libc.so.1: open failed: No such file or directory

At least 120051-04 has a sparc counterpart (120050-04) that leads to the same problem, but I'd not be surprised if the same was the case for 122663-06.
UPDATE: there's a Sun Alert for the issue with 120051-04.