Sun SPOT and Project Looking Glass

by Mads
October 21, 2007 at 21:22 | categories: hardware, sun, solaris

Usually graphical noise such as Project Looking Glass really doesn't interest me one bit. And the first time I looked at it, I did find it rather pointless as it tends to make things rather confusing for something as simple as showing a couple of terms and a browser.

Sun SPOT or Sun Programmable Object Technology. A really cool programmable toy that I've often been wanting to buy (but can't because they don't ship outside .us). The downside of course being that programming them you have to use java, but I suppose it would be worth the pain to get access to the range of sensors such as accelerometers that Sun SPOTs have.

So, how does the two relate? (via).
The videos below show a demo of just how to put the two together:

If I wanted a Sun SPOT before, I really want one now!