Vacation over

by Mads
January 29, 2008 at 13:23 | categories: soulfood

For the first time in ages (since 98 or 99) I decided that I needed a vacation and did something about it. (Sure, I've had plenty of time off, but apart from a short trip to Paris in 2005, all I've done is visit family or "vegetate" at home).
Choice wasn't really as varied as I'd hoped for, but I managed to get my 2 weeks at Hilton Sharks Bay in Egypt. The place isn't too bad, but for someone like me who didn't go to spend my time at the beach or in the bar getting drunk on all inclusive, it was a bit of a mixed experience. Having paid for "4 stars" all-inclusive, I certainly would have expected the food to be more than the average rather bland food that they served. I'm told it will improve in the future with a more varied menu cycling over 2 week periods rather than the same menu every week (which made my second week of dining very much a deja-vu experience). Service ranged from poor to great.
The other point that failed was the peace and quiet I'd hoped for. No matter where you go outside, there's either construction work and air conditioners going in overdrive. Not the traffic that keeps me awake at home, but with paper thin doors and walls and lots of steel wheels going by on the tiled floors, there was more than enough disturbance along with the noise from the airport.
Enough grumbling, I still managed to keep thoughts of work down to less than five minutes, so that part along with managing all but 2 of the chapters I'd wanted to read from Java: How to Program, it's been good and not something that's going to take another 9 years before I repeat.
All that is left now is figuring out where to spend all my newly gained energy ;)