Open Source Days 2008

by Mads
September 29, 2008 at 15:28 | categories: opensource

It's time for Open Source Days 2008. This time I've got two sessions:

OpenSolaris Storage Platform - Storage revolution in the making

Friday 3. October 12:30

Along with their release of Solaris as open source, Sun has slowly been releasing most of their storage software.
At the core of this effort is the widely acclaimed ZFS. This talk will be a high level introduction to some of the other storage technologies available today or in the near future. Topics include in-kernel CIFS support, remote replication with AVS, iscsi and scsi (comstar) target support, SamFS hierarchical storage management and higly scalable filesystems such as QFS and pNFS.

Developers guide to grumpy old Sysadmins

Saturday 4. October 13.00

Image by: Hong. Kong Phooey