Talk on Open High Availability Clustering

by Mads
October 02, 2008 at 12:01 | categories: sun, solaris

Steve McKinty, Sun Microsystems will be in Denmark, because he is speaking at the Open Source Days 2008 conference and has offered to give an extra talk the day before the conference on Open High Availability Clustering. Steve has led The Solaris Clustering Geographic Edition team since 2005.

Open High Availability Cluster (OHAC) is the open-source code base of Solaris Cluster1, a high availability (HA) clustering solution from Sun Microsystems. The main difference between Open HA Cluster and Solaris Cluster is that Open HA Cluster doesn't provide an end-user product or complete distribution. Instead, it is an open source code base, along with build tools necessary to develop, build, and use the code.

The talk will take place Thursday October 2nd at the IT-University, Rued Langgaardsvej 7, 2300 Copenhagen S, in room 2A12 at 16.00

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The term cluster is often associated today with High Performance Computing (HPC), but it also has a key role to play in the area of Business Continuity and High Availability. There is a lot of commercial interest in developing innovative solutions to these problems.

This talk will start with a brief description of the fundamentals of Business Continuity and how a High Availability framework such as Solaris Cluster can be used in that area, when combined with data replication technologies.

It will describe in more detail some of the work being done through the Open HA Cluster (OHAC) and related communities, and then will look at the technical details and progress of some projects that have been recently started by community contributors.

Lastly I'll discuss other opportunities for joint work and contributions with the OHAC members.

There will be time for questions on any aspects of Open HA Cluster and Business Community.