Open Source Days - Friday

by Mads
October 03, 2008 at 22:11 | categories: opensource

Today was the first day of Open Source Days. The new venue is at the IT-University of Copenhagen. The place is not very old and it shows, very nice auditoriums with all the right gear to make life easier for the speaker.
My own talk OpenSolaris Storage Platform went really well except that I had to rush it a bit towards the end and I had to skip a few points I wanted to make. It was a good turnout and I've had some great feedback. Most positive of all, some of the reactions were genuine interest from people who saw a use for the software. I've already promised to do the presentation once more and have been talking to the Sun campus ambassadors at DTU and DIKU about that.
I got hit by a surprise Interview (in danish) as well. Not what I'd been expecting, but it turned out reasonably well (I hope my numbers aren't too far off).

I got there too late in the morning to catch much of Steve McKintys OHAC talk, but I think I got most of that talk yesterday. Steve certainly knew what he was talking about and I was very happy to see High Availability clustering get some airtime as opposed to the usual HPC clusters.
I also managed to catch Dave Johnsons talk about Roller and Jens Nyrup along with Jorgen Olsen both from Sun presenting xVM server with a broken demo.

All in all a great day even if it was a bit rushed for me.
I'm looking forward to Saturday (even if I'm having very serious doubts about the talk I'm giving. It is going to be very, very different from any talks I've ever given before. I could use another month or two to rewrite it and practice a tiny bit).