Open Source Days - Saturday

by Mads
October 05, 2008 at 19:45 | categories: opensource

Back at ITU for another day of conferencing. This was more of a community day than Friday. I had big plans for going to presentations over the day, but ended up spending most of my time catching up with people and talking about OpenSolaris at the Danish OpenSolaris user groups booth. We had a really great turnout and probably handed out a couple of hundred opensolaris kits.

My own talk went better than I'd feared but not nearly as well as I'd hoped. I'm used to talking about technical stuff and trying to be a lot less serious was very different, but got a fair number of laughs.
I'd love another chance to try this talk being more prepared. Not sure whether I should submit it to ApacheCon EU or not.

The one talk I did manage to catch was Dan Kleins "Security As If Your Life Depended On It (because it might!)". Yet another great talk by him. Very entertaining but also a very serious issue. If you missed the talk, I strongly suggest checking back for slides and video later on.

Overall, Open Source Days 2008 was a great success and I really enjoyed it. I'm alreadt looking forward to next year. I'd better start thinking about presentation ideas.