Nearby parks

by Mads
July 05, 2009 at 13:18 | categories: soulfood

I've got a very nice choice of parks near to home to choose from when the weather is good.

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Rostrups Have

A hidden gem nearby. It didn't look like much when I went by during winter, but now it is an explosion of color with a great variety of flowers. Below are a few images shot yesterday on a rather windy day. More on flickr....




Frederiksberg Have

The largest park in the area that can get rather crowded on Sunny days. Home to a large population of herons and ducks.
Also contains my favorite spot for relaxing in the city (see below>. More on flickr....

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My favorite spot

Kongelige Haveselskabs have

Right next to Frederiksberg Have is Kongelige Haveselskabs have with a good selection of plants. Morn on flickr....

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KHS - 00975

KHS - 00998

Copenhagen zoo

The zoo. I for access all days so that I can walk through the zoo when I'm nearby. More on flickr...

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A small rose garden across the street from Frederiksberg Have. More on flickr...

Roses - Schneewitchen

Roses - Meijulita Chorus