Open Source Days - Saturday

by Mads
October 05, 2008 at 19:45 | categories: opensource

Back at ITU for another day of conferencing. This was more of a community day than Friday. I had big plans for going to presentations over the day, but ended up spending most of my time catching up with people and talking about OpenSolaris at the Danish OpenSolaris user groups booth. We had a really great turnout and probably handed out a couple of hundred opensolaris kits.

My own talk went better than I'd feared but not nearly as well as I'd hoped. I'm used to talking about technical stuff and trying to be a lot less serious was very different, but got a fair number of laughs.
I'd love another chance to try this talk being more prepared. Not sure whether I should submit it to ApacheCon EU or not.

The one talk I did manage to catch was Dan Kleins "Security As If Your Life Depended On It (because it might!)". Yet another great talk by him. Very entertaining but also a very serious issue. If you missed the talk, I strongly suggest checking back for slides and video later on.

Overall, Open Source Days 2008 was a great success and I really enjoyed it. I'm alreadt looking forward to next year. I'd better start thinking about presentation ideas.

Open Source Days - Friday

by Mads
October 03, 2008 at 22:11 | categories: opensource

Today was the first day of Open Source Days. The new venue is at the IT-University of Copenhagen. The place is not very old and it shows, very nice auditoriums with all the right gear to make life easier for the speaker.
My own talk OpenSolaris Storage Platform went really well except that I had to rush it a bit towards the end and I had to skip a few points I wanted to make. It was a good turnout and I've had some great feedback. Most positive of all, some of the reactions were genuine interest from people who saw a use for the software. I've already promised to do the presentation once more and have been talking to the Sun campus ambassadors at DTU and DIKU about that.
I got hit by a surprise Interview (in danish) as well. Not what I'd been expecting, but it turned out reasonably well (I hope my numbers aren't too far off).

I got there too late in the morning to catch much of Steve McKintys OHAC talk, but I think I got most of that talk yesterday. Steve certainly knew what he was talking about and I was very happy to see High Availability clustering get some airtime as opposed to the usual HPC clusters.
I also managed to catch Dave Johnsons talk about Roller and Jens Nyrup along with Jorgen Olsen both from Sun presenting xVM server with a broken demo.

All in all a great day even if it was a bit rushed for me.
I'm looking forward to Saturday (even if I'm having very serious doubts about the talk I'm giving. It is going to be very, very different from any talks I've ever given before. I could use another month or two to rewrite it and practice a tiny bit).

Open Source Days 2008 - talks to see

by Mads
September 30, 2008 at 14:23 | categories: opensource


I get enough exposure to Sun Cluster at work, that any other little tips and tricks are well worth the time and I'm looking forward to Steve McKintys talk. My own talk will be pretty hard to skip, so that's obvious. Dave Johnsons roller talk is something I've been wanting to hear at ApacheCon, but things didn't work out so far. It's always good to keep up with what goes on in other ASF projects and seeing what a fellow member has to say. Last slot goes to hearing about xVM server, which is something I keep wanting to have a closer look at, but just never getting that far.


Another round of good Postgres talks to start off the day, and given that we use nagios for that's a given as well. My own Saturday talk will be rather different from my usual talks, so I'm looking forward to seeing how that works out. Dan Klein is always interesting and going by the description of this years keynote, we're in for another treat.
This year we've also got an Open source project booth for the Danish OpenSolaris user group where I'll probably be spending the rest of Saturday.

Open Source Days 2008

by Mads
September 29, 2008 at 15:28 | categories: opensource

It's time for Open Source Days 2008. This time I've got two sessions:

OpenSolaris Storage Platform - Storage revolution in the making

Friday 3. October 12:30

Along with their release of Solaris as open source, Sun has slowly been releasing most of their storage software.
At the core of this effort is the widely acclaimed ZFS. This talk will be a high level introduction to some of the other storage technologies available today or in the near future. Topics include in-kernel CIFS support, remote replication with AVS, iscsi and scsi (comstar) target support, SamFS hierarchical storage management and higly scalable filesystems such as QFS and pNFS.

Developers guide to grumpy old Sysadmins

Saturday 4. October 13.00

Image by: Hong. Kong Phooey