Free Solaris media kit

by Mads
November 27, 2006 at 18:26 | categories: sun, solaris

Sun is giving away free media kits.
The kit includes:

For those wanting bleeding edge and not minding downloads, there's also the option of grabbing Sun Studio Express and Opensolaris.

Current job

by Mads
November 19, 2006 at 15:51 | categories: misc

Since I left ... (not allowed to say who) at the end of April, I've been working on another project that I haven't been allowed to say anything about either:

The Venice Project

Rather than me saying much about it, you can read more here or Search Google News.
There's also a bit more from some of the people I work with.

US elections

by Mads
November 07, 2006 at 15:32 | categories: misc

I'm don't live there, so I shouldn't really say anything...

Sinfest has this strip today.
Last week, Scott Adams known from Dilbert wrote about Electronic Voting Machines:
The important thing with democracy - and this has always been the case - is that the citizens 
a) Believe the election result is based on the common sense and voting rights of the citizens, 
and b) Have enough handguns to wax any politicians who gets too seriously out of line (also 
known as a "check and balance").

And the day after, he follows up with Worst Politician Ever:
In summary, my platform would promote drug legalization, porn, porous borders, and robbing the poor.  
The sad part is that I'd be the only politician with a workable plan.

Pearls before swine has also been running several strips on the subject lately.

And there's plenty more of the same out there...
And a few not quite as humorous ones as one about robocalls from ElReg.

Opensolaris user groups

by Mads
October 29, 2006 at 23:42 | categories: sun, security, solaris

Thursday night I went to the first meeting of the Netherlands Opensolaris User Group.
The program was quite interesting (even if I only understood half of it). Both Bart Muijzer and Casper Dik spoke in dutch but at least their slides were in english so that I think I might have understood the important parts and only missed most of the jokes. The one joke I didn't entirely miss was the one about why they chose NLOSUG rather than NOSUG. The main talk of the night was Darren Moffat talking about opensolaris development and zfs crypto. The zfs crypto project looks very interesting and I was quite pleased to hear that many of the hard bits in the implementation of an encrypted filesystem already has been identified and are being handled in the implementation. I hope Darren will soon manage to get some code online because I think this code has the potential to become one of the most solid implementations of an encrypted filesystem and by using the Solaris crypto providers, support for hardware acceleration and key storage should be simple.
The turnout was quite impressive with something like 60 people there.
The trip there and back again was a bit more interesting than I had planned. First was a 1:30 train ride through Utrect to Amersfoort and then the fun began. I'd looked at the usually quite practical 9292ov site and found that the last bit of way from the station was supposed to take around 30 minutes involving 2 busses and a fair bit of walking as well. Rather than having to deal with that, I opted for the 45 minute walk that viamichelin suggested. Note to self:not all routes suggested by them for walking are good - a sidewalk would have been a nice feature rather than having to walk the grass at the roadside. The walk back to the station was a lot less eventful, although I'd have preferred a map with slightly more detail than the whole city in 2x2 inches. The usual trick of checking that you're headed in the right direction by looking at the maps in bus stops also failed because for some reason they had taken away the detailed maps from every stop I passed leaving only a large map with less detail than my own. Other than that, it was quite uneventful, I got some good exercise and was back at my place by 1:30.

Saturday I met up with a couple of friends and went to Bof day and was quite impressed by the turnout at the opensolaris bof. For some time I've been talking to a friend about starting a DK OSUG, but we were still in the early planning stages because Solaris isn't all that widely used in Denmark and most of the opensource activities in the Copenhagen area seems to be either Linux or BSD. The turnout at the bof and the enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the people there has made us rethink the whole thing and we've started looking at the possibility of doing an evening with a couple of introductory presentations and a sort of installfest. Watch this space and announcements going to for more details. The bof day also had sessions about virtualisation and tuning of live systems where we got to talk even more about opensolaris.

ApacheCon 2006US

by Mads
October 09, 2006 at 22:40 | categories: apache, soulfood, asf

Right now ApacheCon is going full speed in Austin.
I'm not anywhere near Austin and will be missing ApacheCon for the first time since I started going in 2001. I did have a talk scheduled that I was really looking forward to (especially since it has been rejected the last two times I proposed it), but I "ran out of time and energy" and decided that it would be better to cancel.
I wish all the best to those lucky bastards who get to be there and promise to turn up at the next ApacheCon and hand over the beers I owe various people (anyone who thinks to collect interest on owed beer better let me know now so that I can get it opened and set aside in a glass ;).

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